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ESG Calc: Portfolio Analytics


Mike Ozanne

Discover how ESG Calc portfolio analytics is transforming the way investors, financial institutions and governments navigate risk assessment, sustainability integration, regulatory compliance and transparency 

Visualise your Property Portfolio

Visualise your portfolio's EPC ratings, flood risk and total carbon emissions through an interactive dashboard, spotlighting trends and opportunities 

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

Get your portfolio better prepared for regulatory changes. Portfolio Analytics equips you with data-driven readiness, saving you from costly surprises

Transparency and Due Dilligence Simplified

Trust matters. Show potential investors an added layer of asset transparency

Master Financial Risk Management

Elevate your investments by foreseeing potential pitfalls. From energy ratings to flood risks, our toolkit empowers you to evaluate your stranded asset risk, potential ROI and the long-term value of your assets, ensuring assets appreciate over time 

Navigate Insurance Implications Confidently

Insurance doesn’t have to be a gamble. Know your risks, make informed decisions and keep premiums in check

Gain a Competitive Advantage

With sustainability and risk management becoming market-differentiators, you’re equipped with knowledge that stands you out from the crowd 

Embrace Sustainability and ESG Integration

With rising ESG awareness, understanding the energy efficiency and sustainability of assets is crucial. You can align your portfolio with sustainability goals and investments 

Inform your Decision Making

Providing you with board-level reporting on your portfolio’s energy and flood risk profile, you’ll be equipped to make the right calls on your future investments, renovations, or divestments

Save on Costs and Improve your Efficiency

Time is money. For a 2000 property portfolio, traditional data collection, analysis and reporting could take 140 days. Portfolio Analytics cuts this to under 15 days

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