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Strategic Sustainability Advisory

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Businesses are starting to understand the need to get their ESG or business sustainability or Net zero strategy right. Rollo de Sausmarez and Mat Desforges of UN1TY offer a Chief Sustainability Officer on demand service. Delivering insight, strategy, plans and developing your staff's expertise. Olivia Bennett delivers our Carbon Literacy Training.

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Carbon Literacy Training

Grow your own sustainability expertise

Carbon Literacy means being aware of the impact of everyday activities on the climate, and knowing what steps can be taken to reduce emissions as an individual, a community group, or an organisation, and why it’s important that we all take these steps. The actions of individuals can and does make a difference.


Learners who have completed a day’s worth of approved Carbon Literacy learning can be certified as Carbon Literate. Get in touch to book training for you or your team.

£300 per student. 

Strategic Sustainability Advisory Services

CSO on Demand

C-Suite ESG expertise when you need it

There is increasing pressure from regulators, customers, shareholders and employees to have a coherent and credible ESG strategy in place.

Getting it wrong can create long-term brand damage, and allocating existing board members can be expensive.

We can take this on- working with you to identify risks and opportunities and upskilling the team on the way.

Transition Risk

One thing is certain; tomorrow's challenges are different from today's

We work with clients to provide specific insights on upcoming risks to your bsuiness as we transition to the green economy.

From upcoming regulatory changes and how climate changes could affect BAU,  to changing consumer expectations we help you map and qunatify risks so that they can be proactively mitgated. 

Net Zero Strategy

Guernsey has signed up to the Paris Agreement. Have you?


Increasingly businesses are expected to have a plan to reduce their emmission by 45% of 1996 levels by 2030 and to Net Zero by 2050.

This decade, business strategy should relfect and compliment Net Zero strategy as we transition from the brown economy to the green economy. Those that don't get it right will be left behind


Driving change is not easy, but help is at hand.

Wecan bolster your resources that you need for BAU to help drive change more quickly and more efficienctly.

We can lead your Green-team, own the green agenda, run the projects or simply oversee them.

We're there to help you turn the ship toward the new course and can tap into UN1TY's extensive project resource.

Measure your footprint

You can't manage what you don't measure.

We identify the right framework or measuremnt tool for your business sector and specific neeeds to help you  efficiently measure your business emmissions. 

In Guernsey & Jersey we often utilise FutureTracker to do this. 

Once we have established baseline data we work with you to put plans in place to reduce your biggests impacts.

Technology Support

An ESG toolkit that will save you time, money and reduce risk.


Our Technology focussed Managing Partner Mike Ozanne has developed an ESG toolkit that can be used to measure, manage and automatically update ESG risks such as EPC ratings or flood risks on property  protfolios or  loan-books. 

We're building on it all the time. Contact us for demo.

Our Sutainability Strategy Team 

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Rollo de Sausmarez



A well known and very knowledgeable sustainability advocate who founded the Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainable Business Initiative 4 years ago and who has helped many Guernsey businesses on their sustainability journey. 

Rollo has 20 years of marketing and innovation and has lived in breathed organisational and business change. Until 2021 he was on Healthspan’s Strategic Board and was Director of New Product Development & Marketing.

At UN1TY he is a CMO and CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) on call, using his communications, innovation and sustainability experience to advise and support businesses from a strategic perspective. He aims to build sustainability into everything from the ground up, so everything created is future-ready, credible and ethical. 

He has recently completed the Sustainable Leadership course at the University of Cambridge, and is a member of the Guernsey Sustainable  Finance Strategy Group. 

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Mat Desforges


A senior executive with 25+ years experience in professional services, government, statutory bodies, regulation and entrepreneurial businesses.

Mat was States renewable energy Policy Advisor and was Commercial Director for a Renewable Energy company. He brings excellent strategic and oversight skills as well as the ability to focus on detail to ensure smooth business transformation and implementation.  

He has senior and hands-on experience in various sectors including financial services, audit, legal, accountancy, energy, sustainability and the public sector including helping the GFSC. 

He uses financial and management skills with stakeholders, policy, people and coaching. 

He is also qualified Chartered Accountant and holds the IOD Diploma in Corporate Direction.

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