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4 is the magic number for UN1TY!

Innovative advisory firm UN1TY goes from strength to strength with the addition of 2 new partners.

The four Managing Partners of the UN1TY Strategic Advisory firm in Guernsey. From Left to Right: Mike Ozanne, Colin Woodcock, Rollo de Sausmarez, Charlotte Dunsterville
UN1TY grows to 4 partners: (L-R) Mike Ozanne, Colin Woodcock, Rollo de Sausmarez, Charlotte Dunsterville

Offering executive-level advisory services, UN1TY is expanding fast with the addition of two new directors to the partnership. Colin Woodcock of Scolopax Consulting Limited, a programme management and business analysis firm, has joined the partnership along with Charlotte Dunsterville of Customerise. This means the UN1TY partnership now includes customer experience and change management as key pillars of the proposition, delivering strategic support to forward-looking Channel Island organisations.

The expansion bolsters the strategic advisory already provided in sustainability, technology, automation, marketing and innovation. The UN1TY model of “Board member as a service” gives organisations the opportunity to access senior expertise on demand or to supplement the existing Board with specialised skills or as an interim measure. The pay-as-you go model is proving popular with local businesses.

Founding partner Rollo de Sausmarez commented: “Mike Ozanne and I are delighted to welcome the outstandingly bright talents of Charlotte and Colin on board as we expand our offering to more local organisations. We saw a need to broaden the expertise we offer to include adding the experience layer to complex transformations and the provision of a project delivery function. Our disruptive business model, specialist expertise and ethical approach to delivering solutions provides a highly effective service for our customers.”.

Charlotte Dunsterville added: "Colin and I are excited to join UN1TY and offer our expertise and leadership support to local organisations. The UN1TY model of senior advisory on demand is flexible and means that businesses can easily access support in a number of areas just when they need it.”.

The wider UN1TY partnership comes at a time of multiple challenges ahead for business - with an ongoing focus on digital transformations, automation projects and ESG implementations, at the same time that organisations continue to deal with worldwide upheaval.

To find out more and get in touch with UN1TY, visit the website at

UN1TY is a consultancy based in Guernsey, specialising in senior level advisory for business transformation programmes. It provides bespoke strategic advisory for today's challenges, delivered by board level experts. UN1TY offers a range of expertise including business strategy, sustainability, technology, innovation, change management, project management customer experience and marketing.

For media enquiries:

Rollo de Sausmarez 07781 144144

Charlotte Dunsterville 07781 155030


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