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New Carbon Literacy Course

Milestones need to be celebrated. Team UN1TY are "super stoked" to have received accreditation for our new Carbon Literacy Course from The Carbon Literacy Project.

We have to offer a huge vote of thanks to Olivia Bennett for her hard work in pulling the course together for us.

One can't deliver a Carbon Literacy course until one has had the course thoroughly checked and accredited. They check that the course covers off the key knowledge, that it uses suitable illiustattive examples and that the guided particpation sections are suitable (amongst a lots of other things).

The accreditor wrote of the UN1TY course: "I am happy that it meets our criteria - it is well tailored to the target audience, is full of inspiring examples and engaging activities - it should lead to some really impactful action".

Get in touch with Rollo de Sausmarez if you'd like to know more, or if you'd like to sign up to our next cohort...


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