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Guernsey-grown green fintech product is the answer to environmental risk analysis for property portfolios

UN1TY, a Guernsey business that specialises in strategic advisory, has launched ESG Calc, an award-winning  portfolio analytics platform designed to help investors, financial institutions, and governments by giving them insight on environmental risks associated with their property portfolios.

Traditionally, assessing a portfolio's sustainability and climate risk is a laborious and time-consuming process, often hindered by fragmented data and a lack of readily accessible insights. This has lead to missed opportunities, increased risk exposure, and difficulty in achieving sustainability goals.

By efficiently quantifying both physical (such as flood and fire) and regulatory climate risks, (such as properties with low-rated EPC certificates no longer being lettable in future) ESG Calc gives the insights necessary to minimise those risks, and pivot to opportunity, easily and cost-effectively.  A centralised, user-friendly dashboard highlights portfolio-wide energy ratings, flood risk assessments, carbon emissions, and compliance readiness, automatically verified, updated and in one place.

The platform enables potentially stranded assets to be identified while uncovering long-term asset value, driving strategic decisions around future investment, renovations, and divestments.

Armed with these insights, organisations can future proof their portfolios by proactively complying with environmental regulations, avoiding costly surprises, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

ESG Calc’s innovative approach was recently recognised when the firm received the 2023 Innovation in Technology Award at the Veyaon Awards, highlighting UN1TY's commitment to developing solutions that address critical business challenges.

Mike Ozanne, Founding Partner of UN1TY says, “ESG Calc empowers clients to unlock the full potential of their portfolios by providing critical insights into their environmental and social impact, alongside financial risk management. This comprehensive approach empowers strategic decision-making and a future-proofed investment strategy."

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” adds Rollo de Sausmarez, Partner at UN1TY. “Those with property portfolios or property backed loan books have unquantified climate risk that ESG Calc can assess.”


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