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UN1TY reaches milestone of 100 students trained in sustainability, and launch new courses

Guernsey advisory business, UN1TY have trained 100 students on the internationally recognised Carbon Literacy course since they started the course last year. UN1TY's training program, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, equips participants with the knowledge and skills to understand the basics of climate change science, identify how their actions contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, explore practical strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, and become empowered to advocate for positive change within their communities and workplaces.  

Over 40 local organisations have participated in the training, which UN1TY designed the specifically for Guernsey, combining local climate change expertise with actionable steps to address the island's unique challenges. Participants learn how their and their businesses everyday choices impact the environment and gained practical tools to make a difference. 

At the same time, UN1TY has also been awarded the status of a Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation. This award recognises UN1TY’s commitment to educating the community, educating their own employees, and inspiring change.  

Expanding on the in-person course for Guernsey, UN1TY have also created an online-hybrid version of the Guernsey course, as well as a Jersey course, of which the first cohort is happening in June.  

‘The course was a first-class introduction to the concepts of climate change, sustainability and net-zero. The information was presented in a really easy to understand way, we enjoyed the interactive exercises and learning how we can all take steps to reduce our impact on the environment. This training can benefit any individual or business, and could be the key to unlocking collective action to help protect our world for future generations.’ 

Nichole Culverwell, Agency Director, Black Vanilla, and Carbon Literacy Student 

Carbon Literacy Training is an essential tool for businesses. As more businesses recognise the need to transition to the green economy, they realise they need to upskill their workforce to help them get there.” Rollo de Sausmarez, Director, UN1TY 

The discussions had during the training sessions, allow everyone to share their opinion, learn something new, and inspire one another to take action” Bella Dean, UN1TY’s, Carbon Literacy Facilitator 

Understanding climate change, especially in a local context is crucial to comprehend the scale of the issue, and realise that change is accessible both locally and globally” – Olivia Bennett, Course Director 


UN1TY run open training cohorts every month at the Digital Greenhouse, as well as bespoke sessions for individual organisations. To learn more about UN1TY's carbon literacy training program and register for upcoming sessions, get in touch.


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